Checking-in and closing a design

Check In 
ĚThis saves your design to the server, and overwrites the previous version, then closes the editor. Use this when you want to close your design to finish an editing session, in order to return to the design later, or make the design available for others to edit.

When editing a design that you have read-only access to, such as a template, the Check In button will be greyed out because you need to Check In As with a new design name.

Check In As 
ě Like Check In, this saves your design to the server, then closes the editor. But Check In As asks you to choose a design name and location. So you can choose not to overwrite the previous version.

When presented with the Check In As path, click the ö button to launch the browser to select the folder you'd like to save your design into.

And you can select from four Check In Options:

Save Before Check In
This is the default option. Selecting this will ensure that all the changes you've made to the design will be saved before you leave the editor.

Do Not Save Before Check In
This will ignore any changes you have made since you last clicked Save Changes

Discard All Saved Changes
This will undo all Save Changes saves during this editing session, so will revert to the design to the last Check In

Keep Open After Check In
If you tick this, the design will stay open after clicking Check In, or Check In As. This is used when you want to create multiple versions of a design, as it saves you having to leave the editor then reopen the design to create each version.

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